Friday, November 6, 2009

Home again, home again, jig-a-jig-jig

Well, it was decided after looking at my labs yesterday that indeed I could go home and come back once a week to see the docs. They discussed having me return in two weeks, but since I am only three weeks out, I needed to stay with once a week for a bit longer.
My platelets are holding! We were worried Monday when they went down a little. It could be one of two things. The first being the HUS/TTP recurring, the second, and more likely, being one of the antibiotics I am on. For now we are just going to watch them and hope for the best.
My rules are many. Some of them include no children yet, no big groups, no sick people (wear a mask), no entering my kids school or church for six months. These first six months are critical. If I get sick I have a higher chance of losing the kidney so if I don't hug you, shake your hand or if I ask if you are sick please don't get offended. I wanna keep this kidney even though I pee three times at night now.

Love and miss you all!
Virtual hugs,

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Sorry I haven't updated this since surgery, but I haven't had access to a computer. Flo and I are doing great and getting along well. I forgot how much normal people pee though my doctor says part of that is because my bladder shrunk and it will stretch with time and I won't have to get up three times at night. Can't wait!

We are getting out and about every day to walk. I have a special mask that I wear and get a lot of funny looks. They are sure I'm gonna give them swine flu. I finally wrote, "kidney transplant" on the front and get lots of, "God bless you" now.

My creatnine has been 1.2 and 1.1 is the high end of normal, so the drugs are working well. I see the doctor two times a week for now, but she says I am doing so well she is tempted to let me go a bit longer between visits. In the end, we decided it is still so early that we would have one more week of two visits and go from there.

I am feeling great. Still sore from surgery, but feel so much better than before surgery. I look forward to getting back to life, though I am a bit scared of all of the work waiting for me back home. I have been given some very strict rules, so I will be a home body for several months. I have a huge box for all of my medications and they were smart enough to give me a couple of sheets with all of my medications typed up on it, when to take them, information about them and a pill taped to it. Makes me sure I am doing all the right things with my meds. Phew!

Gonna get to bed. I have been having CRAZY dreams since surgery. I'm told it's normal after surgery and with some of the meds I am on. I can hardly wait to see what will come tonight.

Thinking of you all and missing you.
Hugs from a distance,

Friday, October 16, 2009

Flo's a workin'!

Hey all! Transplant on Tuesday went really well. Melissa and I are both doing well, though she is still in a lot of pain. They are talking about releasing me today...would have yesterday but no go poo yet. My drug box is about 2 inches deep and the size of a peechee folder. Fortunately, they have given me a drug list with pills and descriptions taped to it so I know what I am taking and what it is for.

FYI: Melissa and I came up with the name, "Flo" for the kidney. She doing just that...flowing like a river to the sea. Gotta get me a boat! Seriously!

It has been great to see all of the nurses that used to work with me and catch up with them. They are incredible people and we are blessed. We're in good hands.

It is hard to concentrate so I think that is all I am up to for now. Miss and love you all. All my're in my thoughts.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

How blessed...

I have so many things to be grateful for...but I am celebrating Melissa right now. She is my hero. I can't imagine how she is feeling, I wish I could feel it. I am amazed by her willingness to do such a huge thing for me. What a blessing!

It's Saturday and we went and had our last cross-match blood draw yesterday. Monday we spend most of the day at the hospital for pre-op information. Fasten your seatbelts and keep your hands and feet inside at all times, the ride is about to begin... Tuesday at 6am we check in. I am guessing neither one of us will sleep well the night before, but we are hoping to be dreaming of sugar plums dancing, or something like that.

I'll keep this updated as soon as I can to let you know what is happening. Miss and love you all!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Transplant baby!!!

It has been so long and I am still hanging in there. Don't know if anyone is even checking this any longer but since I am getting ready for transplant, I thought I would update it. Transplant? you ask? Yup!!! Melissa (my younger) sister is giving me one of her kidneys on October 28th at the University of Washington. I can hardly wrap my head around all of this. It has been an incredible year.

I am still doing my 4 hour dialysis run three days a week in Wenatchee. My body always feels like I have the flu. Tired, weak, achy, nauseous. But I have great friends and great boys who keep me going.

Love to you all...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hitting the big time

Well, finally! My platelets beat 150,000 on Monday coming in at 152,000! As of today - 192,000! Whoo hooo! So, as of right now, no more plasma exchange. I think the weekend home did me some good.

That's right...I went home last weekend to be with my boys. It was exhaustingly wonderful. I got more cuddles than I could have hoped for -- I couldn't get enough of them. Oh, those cute boys just kill me! I did need to take rests throughout the day -- they are so active!

My kidneys still haven't kicked in, but the doctors are hopeful that since my blood is doing well, they will recover fully. Until then, dialysis continues.

Hope all is well there. Hugs to all!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Footloose and Fancy Free

I guess freedom has been a bit too good for me since I have neglected my blog due to it. I have obviously had no problem keeping myself busy in the outside world. It has been LOVELY!!! I am feeling strong, however right now every muscle in my body is yelling at me from all of the walking I have been doing. Getting my strength back is exhausting!

So much to do with my freedom. I have attended an art viewing at the Seattle Museum of Art (across the street from the condo). I walk and shopped Pike Place (a block from the condo) regularly. I love buying fresh ingredients for my dinners! I love the smells of the waterfront. I love the food! I am being extremely careful with my diet, I have big plans for these kidneys, but man there is real food out here! The days I am in the hospital for treatment I dread lunch, but then I realize I get to have my own yummy dinner and get excited over what to make.

Between Jamie and Doug I have been taught a ton of Seattle secrets. I have never lived here, or known the city well, so the info has been great. Doug visited this last weekend and we had a blast exploring together. I love Ballard, by the way!

I am happy and healthy. Still fighting for my life every day. My schedule includes M/W/F dialysis - my Renal docs visit me during each treatment and M/Th Plasma then Thursday after treatment I see my Hemetology/Oncology doctor at her office. I still have a pretty full schedule, as you can see. I love my Tuesdays and weekends!

Speaking of weekends, I am trying to get over to Chelan this weekend. Melissa (my sister) is checking her schedule to see if she can drive with me. I don't trust myself to make the drive alone without stopping quite a bit along the way. Maybe in a couple more weeks. So, if it works out, I look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces. I am dying to get over there and see everyone!!! I have missed you so much.

If you have any Seattle tips or secrets for me, please let me know! If you are in Chelan, hope to see you this weekend. Please keep up the good thoughts and prayers for me. I am doing well, but still very much in need of them.

Love and miss you all,