Friday, November 6, 2009

Home again, home again, jig-a-jig-jig

Well, it was decided after looking at my labs yesterday that indeed I could go home and come back once a week to see the docs. They discussed having me return in two weeks, but since I am only three weeks out, I needed to stay with once a week for a bit longer.
My platelets are holding! We were worried Monday when they went down a little. It could be one of two things. The first being the HUS/TTP recurring, the second, and more likely, being one of the antibiotics I am on. For now we are just going to watch them and hope for the best.
My rules are many. Some of them include no children yet, no big groups, no sick people (wear a mask), no entering my kids school or church for six months. These first six months are critical. If I get sick I have a higher chance of losing the kidney so if I don't hug you, shake your hand or if I ask if you are sick please don't get offended. I wanna keep this kidney even though I pee three times at night now.

Love and miss you all!
Virtual hugs,


  1. I warned you about the peeing at night ... it was your choice to accept Flo with those complications. I'm so glad you did though and that you are peeing. Who would have thought we'd have so much joy over that?!? So glad you're home. HUS/TTP, STAY AWAY FROM FLO!!!!!! Sick people, please stay away from Lannette!!!! Love you!

  2. Dear Lannette: I am so happy you are doing well. I tried to call but the 801 area code said you were no longer on. If you can please call me so i'll have your new #. All our love Mike and Karren, THE POPE from SAndy